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First Visit Guide

First Visit Guide
August 2, 2021

Planning your first trip to one of our King Taco locations? Then this is the guide for you. Before we get to the tacos, burritos, and sopes, let’s rewind a little.

King Taco Truck

No.1 La Güera

In 1974, Don Raúl and Doña Lupe decided to purchase a 1950s ice cream truck and converted it into the first mobile taco‑making station. While working out of La Güera, customers could find a selection of tacos, which is why it’s only right that you start with our specialty: Tacos!

Carne Asada Tacos

No.2 Tacos de Asada

Two warm corn tortillas with your choice of meat, our most popular filling is Carne Asada, and coming in a very close second is Al Pastor. Tacos are garnished with fresh chopped cilantro and onion, and our famous salsa roja or salsa verde ‑ There’s a debate for which of these two is the best, but we’ll let you decide.


No.3 So Fresh and So Clean

Our fresh ingredients and consistent quality are what attributes to our success, which is why we produce the taste in‑house, from our corn‑tortillas to our salsas.

Meatless Options

No.4 Meatless Options

We’ve got options for that too. Check them out on this post here.


King Taco Recommendations

Here are some recommendations from King Taco vets:

1. Extra salsa roja and get a sope on the side with whatever else you order.

2. Carne Asada all meat burrito with queso Mexicano and salsa verde.

3. Asada tacos, Asada quesadilla, green salsa, and horchata.

4. Al Pastor tacos with cotija cheese, cabbage, and green salsa.

5. Tacos first and try with each salsa.

6. Get a little bit of everything! Taco, Sope, Tamal, and share a quesadilla and nachos.

Some will say, a little red sauce goes a long way, while others recommend you ask for more red salsa (A LOT, OK)! Lastly, make sure to have plenty of napkins on hand, it’s going to get messy ‑ The good kind of messy.